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Active Living Research:

Active Living Conference


Click above for information on the 2024 Active Living Conference.

Active Living Research was a $28 million grant-giving program supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 2001-2016. The website contains a wealth of information for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in many fields and sectors. UNFORTUNATELY THE SITE IS CURRENTLY BROKEN AND WE ARE TRYING TO MAKE IT OPERABLE AGAIN. 

The purpose of Agita Mundo, the Global Physical Activity Promotion Network, is to promote physical activity as a healthy behavior for people of all ages, nations, and characteristics. The network was founded in 2002 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and is led by Dr. Victor Matsudo. 

CicloSDias is the San Diego version of Ciclovia or Open Streets when pedestrians and bicyclists take over selected streets. Dr. Jordan Carlson led an evaluation of the first CicloSDias. 

For the first 6 years I was a member of this multi-sector Roundtable affiliated with US National Academy of Medicine. I continue to participate in the Physical Activity Innovation Collaborative. 

The first US National Physical Activity Plan was released in 2011, and it has since been updated and incorporated into the Physical Activity Alliance. 

PACE began in 1990 with a grant from CDC and advanced to multiple NIH grants and development of new measures. Dr. Kevin Patrick led this program. 

1951-2016. Shemi was my wife and life partner for 39 years. This website includes a short biography and many photos with friends and colleagues. Her creativity in visual art and writing are highlighted. Please enjoy. 

I have been an active member of SBM since about 1981, and I was President 2016-2017. 

The SPARK study funded by NIH 1989-1995 was my first large grant. We evaluated a health-oriented physical education program in elementary school and documented multiple favorable outcomes. The M-SPAN study evaluated physical activity and nutrition interventions in middle schools. SPARK has been disseminated nationally and in several other countries since about 1995 and has benefitted millions of students in thousands of schools. Dr. Thomas McKenzie, Paul Rosengard, and I are advisors to Gopher Sports Inc as SPARK continues its impact.

These narrated videos were made during my travels over the years. They illustrate both positive and negative environmental features relevant to physical activity. There is an emphasis on the positive, with many examples of pedestrian-only zones that are rare in the US. 

The purpose of the BEAT Institute was to train researchers and practitioners to use high-quality measures of food and physical activity environments. Dr. Karen Glanz led this program that was funded 2007-2014 by the US Department of Agriculture. The website has extensive resources including online training modules. 

Google Scholar compiles citations of scientific articles, and this link takes you to my profile that summarizes the citations and lists citations for virtually all my papers. 

IPAQ is one of the most-used physical activity questionnaires. I was part of the group that met in 1998 at the World Health Organization to draft the measure that was later evaluated. 

A suite of NEMS measures were developed to assess community and consumer nutrition environments. These tools are available to researchers and community advocates and leaders for research and action in their own communities. Dr. Karen Glanz leads this program. 

NQLS was our first NIH-funded study of built environments and physical activity, with about 2200 adults from 2 US regions participating. 

The purpose of IPEN is to accurately assess associations of built environments with physical activity and weight status by studying highly diverse environments. With support from NIH and within-country funders, a study of adults was conducted in 12 countries and a study of adolescents was conducted in 15 countries. The IPEN website has many resources I welcome you to use.  

In 2022, Dr. Thom McKenzie and I assigned our royalties to create SPARK Equity Awards to be administered by San Diego State University. Funding is available to bring SPARK (curriculum, training, equipment) to organizations (schools, districts, after school, early childhood centers) and individual PE teachers or physical activity providers who serve low-income communities.

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