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The Neighborhood Quality of Life Study for Seniors (SNQLS), conducted between 2005-2008, was designed to identify environmental correlates of physical activity for older adults (aged 66 and older). This observational study of 883 older adults randomly selected from 228 block groups and 15 assisted living facilities was conducted in two regions of the U.S.

Main Citation:

King, A.C., Sallis, J.F., Frank, L.D., Saelens, B.E., Cain, K., Conway, T.L., Chapman, J.E., Ahn, D.K., and Kerr, J.  (2011).  Aging in neighborhoods differing in walkability and income: Associations with physical activity and obesity in older adults.  Social Science and Medicine, 73(10), 1525-1533.

Survey of residents to assess the relation between one's neighborhood, quality of life, health, and physical activity.

Follow-up survey, conducted 6 months after the time 1 survey.

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