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Funded by NIH-NHLBI, 1996-2000. MSPAN (24 schools, 9 districts) was designed to increase physical activity opportunities throughout the school day, increase MVPA in PE classes, and decrease the consumption of fat on middle school campuses. Only environment and policy interventions were used, because they were the least studied intervention approaches. Surveys included self- and parent-reports of outcomes, exposure to the intervention, and parent support behaviors.

Main Citation:

Sallis, J.F., McKenzie, T.L., Conway, T.L., Elder, J.P., Prochaska, J.J., Brown, M., Zive, M.M., Marshall, S.J., and Alcaraz, J.E. (2003). Environmental interventions for eating and physical activity: A randomized controlled trial in middle schools. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 24, 209-217.

Survey completed by parents about their child's physical activity and eating habits.

Reliability Analyses of Parent Survey

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