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The purpose of the International Physical Activity Questionnaires (IPAQ) is to provide a set of well-developed instruments that can be used internationally to obtain comparable estimates of physical activity. There are two versions of the questionnaire. The short version is suitable for use in national and regional surveillance systems and the long version provides more detailed information often required in research work or for evaluation purposes. The long version produces estimates of physical activity in four domains: work, leisure, transportation and household.

Main Citation:

Cerin, E., Cain, K.L., Oyeyemi, A., Owen, N., Conway, T.L., Cochrane, T., van Dyck, D., Schipperijn, J., Mitaš, J., Toftager, M., Aguinaga-Ontoso, I., and Sallis, J.F. (2016). Correlates of agreement between accelerometry and self-reported physical activity. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 48(6), 1075-1084.

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