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This questionnaire has been incorporated into several larger surveys, in various versions. The original version described in the Rosenberg et al (2010) paper was evaluated as part of the PACE Adult study. The Rosenberg (2010) paper has scoring instructions, but we have scored the measure in multiple ways, depending on the study purpose. Different versions of the SBQ have been used across several studies, as listed below.


Two-week test-retest reliability in a sample of 49 adults was high for total scores (ICC = 0.85 weekday and 0. 77 for weekend total scores) and moderate to excellent for all items and the total score (ICC range = 0.64 to 0.90 weekdays; 0.48-0.93 for weekend days). 



In overweight men (N = 354) and women (N = 300), validity with accelerometer counts < 100 counts per minute was non-significant.  Total scores were significantly correlated with the International Physical Activity Questionnaire sitting time items and BMI though effect sizes were small. 


Versions of the SBQ are included in these other surveys:


Originally from the PACE+ Studies (PIs: Kevin Patrick, Jim Sallis, Karen Calfas)

Clinical & Web-based Diet & Activity Counseling for Men
NIHR01CA098861Sep 27, 2002 - Sep 29, 2005

Counseling for Overweight Women for Diet and Activity
NIHR01CA085873Sep 1, 2001 - Aug 31, 2005

NIHR01CA081495Sep 30, 2000 - Aug 31, 2004

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