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Jim’s 2018 Photo Highlights

Posted May 2020. I apologize for being so slow.

2018 was a hectic year, with continuing efforts to act like a semi-retired person. There was lots of travel and many memorable experiences, which is one reason I was so late posting this blog.

Banff, Canada. Active Living Research Conference. February 9-14.

This was my first big event of the year. The Banff location was the first one outside of the USA and the first in really cold weather. My observation was that everyone was struck with the beauty of the area, and the Conference had all the ingredients that always make ALR a special event.

Local First Nation leaders made us feel welcome during the Opening Ceremony

During the snowshoeing event, we saw some local wildlife.

This is the group who went snowshoeing.

This was a great presentation on designing places that make people want to come outside in the cold.

Guadalaraja, Mexico. Physical activity conference. February 21-24.

Guadalajara has a beautiful historical city center.

Another successful pedestrian street.

On a day trip we visited the city of Tequila. On the way we passed by many agave fields like this one.

This is our host, Juan Lopez-Taylor (far left), with visitors Charlie Foster and Bill Kohl, and a couple of Juan’s students. We are being welcomed to the Cuervo factory.

These are the hearts of agave that are roasted, then squeezed, fermented, and distilled to make tequila.

These people are coming out of Flinders Street station, which is the main rail station. It is a clear demonstration of how public transit is active travel.

This is the first vegan vending machine I have seen. It is on Bourke Street, one of the main streets of Central Melbourne.

Kite surfers make the most of Melbourne’s wind.

This kind of beauty is why I always go walking in the forest on my trips to Australia, usually organized by Neville Owen.

Melbourne alley life is rich with cafes, music, and murals. They really enhance the urban experience.

This older couple were moving slowly, but because of the good pedestrian infrastructure they were able to get around and enjoy the city.

Jim’s First Visit To China. March 11-25, 2018.

Please see the separate blog on my 2018 visit to China. At first I had two invitations to go to China. Xiaobo (Bob) Wang invited me during his year-long visit to San Diego in 2016. Then I met Hongjun Yu at the American College of Sports Medicine conference, and he invited me to visit Tsinghua University in Beijing. I asked both of them to coordinate plans for my visit, which they started doing. However, in mid-2017, I learned that Bob Wang had died unexpectedly at age 38 while playing basketball. See my blog in memory of Bob Wang ( The nature of the planned visit changed. The main purpose would be to lecture and consult at Tsinghua University, but I would also visit Bob’s wife and son in Zengzhou and present a lecture in Bob’s honor to his colleagues at the University. I want to thank Hongjun and Bob’s wife Lily (her American name) for working together to plan the visit.

Hongjun and I take advice from Confucius on the Tsinghua University campus.

Lecturing at the Art & Science of Health Promotion in San Diego. March