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Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science, University of California, San Diego
Professorial Fellow, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne

Welcome to my website. This electronic link to the world has been an effective way of communicating for many years now, and I thank you for coming to visit and using the posted resources. In addition to the professional content that has been the focus of the website since the beginning, I will be posting other content like photos, blogs on a variety of topics, and perhaps music.
The website was reorganized again in early 2023 and moved to the Wix platform. Because editing is now much simpler, I will serve as webmaster, allowing me to keep the site updated frequently. I intend to post new publications right away, so you may want to check in more often. On the Publications page you can find the latest papers in “Publications by year.” I will also categorize papers by Project and Subject.
See the story of my research and advocacy related to physical activity and COVID-19 in my blog.

Please let me know when links are broken in any section or you find errors.

James F. Sallis PhD

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