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Jim’s 2017 Highlights

April 2018

Though 2017 had a strong negative undercurrent due to the Trump presidency and for me personally due to continuing grief over my wife Shemi’s death in mid-2016, there were many good times that I want to highlight. These bright spots made a tough year much much better.

Healing visit to Indian Country in New Mexico

Before attending a Voices for Healthy Kids Strategic Advisory Committee meeting on a Pueblo near Albuquerque, I spent a couple of days visiting special places in New Mexico. This was an inspirational and healing visit for me.

February and October. World Bank. I had two interactions with World Bank staff in 2017.

February. ALR Conference in Clearwater, Florida

March. Society of Behavioral Medicine in San Diego, including my presidential duties and party at my house.

March, May, August, October. Four visits to Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. These are just a very few of the professional, social, and natural high points of these visits.